Sunday, January 6, 2008

Week One Report

One week down, 51 more to go. I did meet all my exercise goals and the diet was just about perfect. But the first week is always the easiest.

One interesting thing that happened this week is that I went to a real gym. The variety in machinery was hard to come to grips with at first, but the ones made by Cybex had good instructions with targeted muscles posted on them. Another interesting thing is something I learned - I can run much better on a treadmill than I can on the road.

The gym membership is expensive, but the use of a good treadmill would make the fees bearable IMHO. Which brings me to the question I have, are these fees reasonable?

1 month - $70/month
3 month - $50/month
4 month - $45/month
Yearly - $40/month

The town I live in is small and there are only 2 gyms in town. I'll visit the other one next, hopefully it's a little more affordable.

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